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22nd February 2012

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New Orleans

I’ve been in New Orleans for about 7 weeks now, prepping the movie formerly known as Lamb of God. We had to change the title for a couple of reasons, one being that explicit references to G_d don’t fly in certain foreign markets. I actually like the new proposed title better, but can’t announce it until it’s cleared. “Clearance” is an unsexy concept that’s really affecting my day-to-day life as a director. I swear if a character sneezes, we have to clear that shit with the AMA. It never ends.

I’m having a nice time here with my son, and especially enjoying the Southern hospitality and human interaction. This morning, I walked out to my car and discovered that someone had knocked off my driver’s side mirror during last night’s Mardi Gras revelry. This nice man rushed to help me attempt to repair it. You’d think I was being mugged based on his rapid and sincere response. I thanked him and decided to stroll down to the corner and get a coffee.

Inside the coffee house, I’m paying for my iced decaf Southern Pecan when an elderly gentleman comes up to me and breathlessly says “ARE YOU THE GAL WHOSE MIRRAH GOT BROKE?” I mean, my broken mirror was already news on the block. That’s how polite and concerned these folks are. In L.A., nobody would give two fucks.

We start shooting very soon and I *suspect* we’ll have a newly minted Oscar winner in the house. Cross your fingers and toes for Octavia! The character she plays in this movie is extremely un-“Minnie”-like, but in a fun way; you’ll get to see her sing and make out with guys and stuff. I really can’t wait to roll camera. P.S. I’m gaining so much weight. Po’boys and king cake; food of the g_ds.

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