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27th December 2011

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Not a Mooch.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I possess just about every negative quality there is. Frankly, this observation was starting to bum me out. I can’t even talk shit properly because I’m always thinking Well, I’m like that too.

But then last night I was watching Tiny Furniture (awesome movie). There’s this dude in it who’s a classic leech. An asker. Just one of those people who baldly solicits food, things, time— and then has the gall to bitch about the quality or quantity thereof. One of those people who just asks: naked, prideless, with that dumb unblinking gaze of the rarely denied. You know what I mean by that look?

I realized joyfully: I’m not a mooch! This is one shitty quality I don’t have! I never ask for anything. I have to be approaching full renal failure before I’ll request a glass of water. I’ll soil myself before I’ll use your bathroom. I will never, ever ask you to drive me somewhere. If you do offer me something,  I’ll react as though you gave me your bone marrow. And I NEVER ask for the dreaded “industry favor.” I frequently buy things I could get for free if I was willing to make a casual phone call. Never. Shame. Schaden.

I don’t know if this is a wholly positive quality, but I feel good about it today.

22nd November 2011

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It is less realistic this way, but somehow more disturbing.


3rd November 2011

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Richard just saw “Martha Marcy May Marlene”


"I liked it. No, I did. I just need some time to think about it. It’s like I’m waiting for the payoff, though, and…yeah. It’s one you gotta sleep on, you know?"

"That girl was phenomenal, though. I’ve been saying that lately, phenomenal. I think I picked it up from my kids. (chuckle) It’s like the new thing. All right, turn left up here at LaGrange.”

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17th October 2011

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Emails between me and my brother

(To be clear, the entire intent of this exchange was to fuck with me.)


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:52 AM, Marc Busey wrote:

»» »»> Do you and Dan have a convenction oven? »»

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:10 PM, Brook Maurio wrote: »> »» We have a regular double oven and a microwave, that’s it.

» On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 1:11 PM, Marc Busey wrote: » »> When you say “regular” you mean “convenctional”, correct?

> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:13 PM, Brook Maurio wrote: > » Conventional and convection are different. I think a convection oven is a » toaster oven. No such thing as “convenction.”

On 10/17/11, Marc Busey wrote:

> lol

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13th October 2011

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"Sexy Director" Halloween costume, courtesy of eagle-eyed Jezebel. I don’t know many filmmakers who actually wear the slate, but the tiny DIRECTOR megaphone is spot on! I bet this chick could crash any production and start DeMille-ing around uncaught.
Can’t decide if it would horrific or kind of amazing to show up on set wearing this.

"Sexy Director" Halloween costume, courtesy of eagle-eyed Jezebel. I don’t know many filmmakers who actually wear the slate, but the tiny DIRECTOR megaphone is spot on! I bet this chick could crash any production and start DeMille-ing around uncaught.

Can’t decide if it would horrific or kind of amazing to show up on set wearing this.

27th September 2011

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Rom Toomer, one of the greatest roller coaster designers of all time, has passed away. As some of you know, studying and “collecting” coasters is my #1 supreme hobby/timesuck outside of the entertainment world. I’ve ridden many of Toomer’s creations, and there’s no coaster more iconic to me than the vintage Arrow “steelie” in all its forceful, balletic, ear-boxing glory. Thanks, Ron!

this concludes nerd time.

19th September 2011

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Omnibus Tumblr Post

I’m headed to New York tomorrow for the first of what will hopefully be a handful of Young Adult-related events. Movie’s not out until December, but the screenings and advance press (AKA the Ringling Brothers Publicity Circus Feat. “Jumbo the Writer”) start now. ‘Tis the season to be self-conscious! (About myself, not Jason’s film. I’m extremely proud of the latter.)

I bought a really long dress with long sleeves. I’m planning to go full Hasid for this go-round; I find it cuts down on stripper questions & journo bodysnark by about 80%.

For experimental purposes, from here on out, I think I’ll pronounce the “adult” in Young Adult with the stress on the first syllable, ’50s-educational-film-style. I will use this technique to mess with sticklers.

This would be the ideal outcome:

MOVIE BUFF: “Wanna go to the Arclight and see Young Adult? Hm? Oh no, that’s really how it’s pronounced. It’s how the writer says it. You didn’t know that?”

(You know how there are some people who insist on calling Bjork “Byerk,” because that’s the proper Icelandic pronunciation? Sticklers. Watch out! I got your number!)

In the meantime, I’ve been sad because I heard Bobcat Goldthwait (who is actually a really talented writer/director) brought a movie to Toronto that rips on everything stupid about American pop culture; namely, reality TV, Idol, Kardashians and…me? I don’t even consider myself a part of “pop culture” these days. I’m a screenwriter with a hit-or-miss career. I don’t really go out to events. I don’t have a million Twitter followers or a massive fandom (In fact, I seem to have a much larger and more vocal “un-fandom,” if you know what I’m saying.) I would think that to pollute pop culture to such a degree that it warrants being eviscerated in a movie, one would need to be, you know, powerful. Visible. Ubiquitous. I’m none of those things and I haven’t been in a while. Maybe this movie has been on the shelf? Hope so, but I doubt it.

I ordinarily shake these things off, but it sucks extra hard when the criticism comes from someone you admire. Shakes the Clown is an excellent movie. Plus, I always assumed Goldthwait and I were kindred spirits— we both have silly aggro fake names, and we’ve both spent our careers (his long, mine short) trying to transcend the gimmicks we’re known for. Dear Bobcat: Juno is my “growly voice.” Let me evolve, as you have evolved.

What else? The weather is cooling down and I’m going to try out the “Couch to 5K” app again. I did it last fall and blew my knee out, but hope springs eternal. Maybe I should get those weird shoes that look like skeleton feet?

One more thing! The new season of RED BAND TRAILER is coming out really soon. We’re all edited and ready to go. We have a new home at L Studios (the folks who brought you WEB THERAPY) and they will be debuting the new episodes on their website soon. I’ll keep you posted.

See you soon, New York, in my very long dress…

16th September 2011

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Deja Ew

I am so hungover. Last night I thought I would be “the cool mom” (TM Mean Girls) and go out dancing after the boy was tucked in. We actually got eighty-sixed because we were too hammered. Worse yet, I did something I never, ever do and pulled the “I’m vaguely famous” card as we tried to drunkenly wheedle our way back into the bar. (Of course they laughed. They were probably like Yeah, bitch, for five minutes in 2008.) When I came home, I told Dan and he was like “You never do anything that gross,” and I was like, “I know.” Then I ate an entire box of Kraft dinner, prepared with half-and-half.

I’m too old for this shit.

P.S. Those coconut water “recovery shots” taste like bile, but they work.

10th August 2011

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R.M., addressing his wife Cynthia, who is in another room.

"I’m running out, Cyn. Do you want a sandwich or something? Right, I know, I know, a salad. I can’t keep up with these diets. Hey, I tried."

(car door slams)

(gentle acceleration of departing Cadillac CTX)

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8th August 2011

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LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo.


@dannychun, thanks for the heads up on this beautiful video that captures the beauty of chaos that is Los Angeles. My favorite nights have been sitting up in the quiet hills, looking down at the city and up at the hundreds of airplane lights.